Wednesday, June 27, 2012

8. Running the Java GUI

1. Replace the GUI folder in the location root/netfpga/lib/java/gui by the GUI folder in the location from filesystem /usr/local/netfpga/lib/java/gui

2. To run the Java GUI, we use the command ./ from root/netfpga/lib/java/gui

3. If the GUI fails to run, use the commands :
make clean
and then repeat step 2.

4. If the GUI fails to run even after step 3, you can run the GUI from the folder /usr/local/netfpga/lib/java/gui using the command ./


  1. hi, I have a problem.

    Within the path / usr / local / netfpga / lib / java / gui I have no file called “router” to run.

    These are the files I have in gui/lib

    Jemmy.jar AbsoluteLayout.jar
    cddl.html jfreechart-MPL-1.1.txt 1.0.8a.jar
    gpl-2.0.html jna.jar net.sourceforge.jpcap-0.01.16.jar
    junit-4.4.jar jargs.jar swing-layout-1.0.3.jar
    jcommon-1.0.12.jar lgpl-2.1.html

    Please, I can you help me?

    What do I have to do?

    1. hey.. do u hav file in the directory : root/netfpga/lib/java/gui?

      i had a similar prob.. i cudnt find the file in “root/netfpga/lib/java/gui” but found it in “/usr/local/netfpga/lib/java/gui”..

    2. Now, I find the but when I run the file, it showed a error:

      [root@Netfpga gui]# ./
      Can’t find device: nf2c0
      Cannot find interface nf2c0

      It is the first time I install netfpga.

      Anyone can help me?

    3. chk this link :

      it shows how to chk if ur interfaces are up or not.. and how to turn them up if they are not..

    4. Hi pharic, I run the ifconfig command, but this does not show anything, only “eth0 and lo”

      Try the interface is up, but get an error “nf2c0: unknown interface: No such device”.


    5. if your netfpga is not recognised on the pci slot then the interfaces won’t show up.. so first try getting that to work (post 2 of my blog :

  2. Hi….I’m not able to find the file in any of the locations. What to do now. Pls reply

    1. did u try both the ways i have mentioned?

    2. ya. i searched in both the ways.

    3. if the installation was successful then u shud b able to see the file in atleast one location..