Monday, December 23, 2013

Skype Audio not working on Ubuntu

If you are having audio problems while using Skype on Ubuntu, first check to ensure that sound is working on your system and that your microphone and speaker volume levels are high enough. If you cannot hear yourself using the Skype Echo Sound Test, its possible that pavucontrol is not installed on your system. To install it, use the command :

sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

Restart Skype. Now the audio should work fine.

vmlinuz not found

While installing Ubuntu using a flash drive, you might get an error saying : /casper/vmlinuz not found. You cannot proceed with the installation until you correct it. To do this, you need to rename a file on the flash drive. You could log into another OS on your computer (if you have one) or use another computer.

1. On the flash drive, go to the directory vasper
2. Find a file named vmlinuz.efi
3. Rename that file to vmlinuz
4. Restart and boot using the flash drive. Now you'll be able to proceed with the installation. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Changing computer name on Ubuntu

To change the computer name on Ubuntu, you need to do the following :

First, you need to edit /etc/hostname file. To do this, run the following command :

sudo vim /etc/hostname

Change the name as required. After that save and exit ( Use :x to save and exit).

Now, you need to edit /etc/hosts file. To do this, run the following command :

sudo vim /etc/hosts

In the file, you might see something like :       localhost       "your computer name"

Change the text next to to the name you like. Save and exit.

The changes will be applied when you restart the system. To apply changes without restarting, use the following command :

sudo service hostname restart

This is how the /etc/hosts file would look :